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interests include...
Watching entire seasons of TV shows in one sitting, drag, drugs, blonde hair, yoga, gin cocktails, Trader Joe's, the occasional Marlboro 27, Julia Child, soy lattes, New Girl, female folk singers, tacos, literary non-fiction, Pam Poovey, one-minute dance parties to 90s r&b, food photography, and oxford commas.

Nico Mirallegro, August 2013.

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Lana Del Rey - Heart Shaped Box


Studio version of Lana Del Rey’s cover for Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.

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bo burnham’s first 41 vines

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There might not be mail today in the USA, but that didn’t stop The Postal Service from announcing their return (via The Postal Service is officially returning)

definitely not about to cry or anything don’t worry

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